Business Outline

The KASAI Group is involved in every process required to produce car interior products from planning, development to manufacturing.

The KASAI Group is a manufacturer of car interior products mainly for trim parts.

Our main operations are planning, development and manufacturing of car interior trim parts including door trim and roof trim.

We open the door to all automobile manufacturers (OEM) as independent parts manufacturer and aim to make high-quality and low-cost products by the operation system into which a series of processes such as planning, development, design, experiment and production are incorporated to meet wide range of customer needs from luxury car to small car and commercial car.

KASAI Group is a manufacturer of car interior products mainly including trim parts.

The KASAI Group has established the global supply system through the expansion of network around the world

Since the start of operation in the North America in 1986, the KASAI Group has been expanding business worldwide to follow the growth of local production of each car manufacturer.

Recently, our supply network has been expanding to the rapidly growing Asian nations including China. Our global network is established all over the world.

We work on local development and production as well as execution of technical assistance agreements with local parts manufacturers in countries where we have not set up operations yet and establish the worldwide management system to strengthen global competitiveness.

Outline of Products

As interior system supplier involved in a series of processes including planning, development, design, experiment and production, we have been providing valuable products to customers all over the world through businesses of cabin trim, luggage trim and noise insulation parts.

  • Cabin trim
  • Luggage trim
  • Noise insulation parts
  • Other body parts

We see the cabin space composed of door trim or headlining as totally coordinated system and pursue attractive quality, comfort and safety.

Door trim



Rear parcel shelf

Map lamp

Body side trim

The roles of luggage trim such as trunk-through layouts or three-row seating have been greatly changing. We propose multifunctional products to meet multipurpose needs while enhancing superior feeling as an extension of cabin trim.

Luggage side trim

Tonneau cover・Tonneau board

Trunk room

Floor board

Luggage floor underbox

With improvement in the quietness of an engine or tire, high performance of noise insulation is required for sound proof parts such as dash insulator. We are participating in vehicle development from the initial stage and concentrating its efforts to enhance its noise insulation performance including NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness).

Dash Insulator

Hood Insulator

We have been developing and manufacturing other body parts except interior parts such as engine undercover to meet wide-ranging customer needs.

Engine undercover

Fender cover