Development・Production System

To respond to each region and customer

We have production bases all over the world and development functions not only in Japan but also in North America.

Global Support

Production Base / Development Office

Production Base / Development Office
Production Base
With an unique core system named KPS supports global operations.
KPS System
Development Office
With an unique core system called KIS supports global operations.
KIS System

Global Development System (Design / Experiment)

Based on the research and development conducted in Japan, we are globally promoting community-based product development together with our customers.

Global Development System (Design / Experiment)

Development / Production Flow

  1. Commodity Planning

    Commodity Planning

    We anticipate user needs and create new values for car interiors.

  2. Product Design (KIS)

    Product Design (KIS)

    We design products using CAD while matching KASAI proposals including customer requests and production requirements. In addition, we are pursuing quick development and high quality product design with KASAI's original development system called KIS.

  3. Prototype Development

    Utilizing a 3D printer, we quickly and faithfully prototype the design image.

  4. Experiment Assessment

    Experiment Assessment

    We evaluate how our customers use our products, the environment in which they are used, and collision safety.

  5. Production System / Production Preparation (KPS)

    Production System /
    Production Preparation (KPS)

    By strengthening our "globally unified manufacturing system," we will provide products that satisfy our customers.