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Corporate Philosophy・Corporate Principle・Business Vision

Corporate Philosophy

1. Gain Trust from Society 2. Seek Prosperity for Company 3. Share Happiness with Everybody

Corporate Principle

The Kasai Group is committed to provide valuable products and services globally based on our loyalties and creation of new technologies, and to realize the happiness of all stake holders.

Business Vision

Long term business vision(2014 to 2023)
KR10(Kasai Realize 10)

Company capable of proposing concepts for automotive interior parts
~Ensure safety and comfort with ONLY 1 technical capabilities to provide future space~

Management Policy

  1. 1. Provide the best quality products to ensure continuous customer satisfaction
  2. 2. Keep developing advanced technologies to become a leading automobile parts supplier that connects with commercialization
  3. 3. Build up a strong corporate structure to materialize sustainable high earnings

Action Guideline

Act with Ownership!  Think and act on your own initiative  Complete your tasks exceeding the goal  Act quickly to deliver an early outcome

Goals for 10 years from now

【Excellent Global Company】

  1. 1. Become a company that can provide quality products that satisfy customer needs and receive customer quality awards continuously

  2. 2. Become a company that can propose global concepts based on ONLY 1 technology

  3. 3. Become a globally reliable company where employees in each group company can work with enthusiasm

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