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To our stockholders・shareholders

Since our business started in 1946, we have been actively involved in the engineering development, establishment of production system and human resource development with the growth of automobile industry and established the status as top class car interior manufacturer in research and development, manufacturing and sales.

With a long term vision towards being an excellent global company, the KASAI group promotes the expanding of sales to customers around the world through the strengthening of product development and technical capabilities to become a leading manufacturer of car interior products in the global market.

We at KASAI aim to become the company that can make profits and contribute to the society by providing high quality and competitive product that will satisfy customers through our technologies and eco-friendly manufacturing method.

Nowadays, the expansion of global business by automobile manufactures leads to an increase in importance of our global business strategy including emerging countries.
To make further progress in a globally increased competitiveness among companies, we will undertake the following activities based on our mid and long term plans.

  1. 1. Realize the appropriate cost by ensuring product reliability to satisfy customers and strengthening our system.
  2. 2. Strengthen the cost competitiveness by employing optimized designs, advanced production technologies and appropriate purchasing activities
  3. 3. Put right personnel to right places globally and develop human resources.

Representative Director, President
Katsuji Hanya