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KPS(Kasai Production System)

KASAI Group is promoting our globally standardized KPS activities to provide the best quality and price competitive products to our customers.

KPS (Kasai Production System)

We implement the KPS activities including improvements in the initial phase of development and maintaining of 5S (Sorting (Seiri), Setting in order (Seiton), Shining (Seiso), Standardizing (Seiketsu) and Sustaining the discipline (Shitsuke) at production sites as well as waste reduction activities by following the PDCA cycle consistently and expand the know-how gained through these activities globally.

Overview of KPS activities

Overview of KPS activities (PDCA)

KPS activities

  • <5S + Floor polishing activity>

    <5S + Floor polishing activity>

  • <Activity for improving productivity standards>

    <Activity for improving productivity standards>
    High-quality production, improvement on difficult operation,Karakuri.

  • <Human resource development supporting KPS activities>

    <Human resource development supporting KPS activities>
    Global training center (Advanced-skill training), promotion of QC improvement (Company-wide global conference, managing training and activity)

  • <Create and distribute activity manuals>

    <Create and distribute activity manuals>

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