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Environmental Technology

  • Energy saving
  • Resource saving
  • Hazardous substance pollution prevention

Energy saving

  • Weight reduction technology
  • Heat insulation technology

Weight reduction technology

To review materials and molding methods of interior resin parts such as foam molding, thin walled injection molding,Kasai Synchro Press (KPS) molding and development of light weight luggage floor allows a reduction in parts weight to lead to the improvement of fuel efficiency.

Foam molding

This is the injection molding method that weight reduction and damage resistance are improved by counter pressure method using chemical foaming materials for foam molding.

Foam molding

Kasai Synchro Press (KSP) Molding

This molding method uses foamed PP sheet with skin that both reinforcing rib and clip housing are formed simultaneously during molding by female vacuum method as substrate. Significant weight reduction is realized in comparison with the current method.

Kasai Synchro Press (KSP) Molding

Heat insulation technology

Automotive air conditioner to control heating and cooling consumes large electric power. Therefore technologies to increase heat insulating effect to block heat flow in and out of automobile are required.

We are working on the research and development to increase heat insulation effect for interior trim parts that have large impacts on heat loss such as infrared reflection headlining, infrared reflection door and heat reflection skin.

Infrared reflection headlining

Thanks to the adoption of heat reflection function to the back of a headlining, absorption of heat through headlining in summer and release of heat from the inside of a car in winter are reduced and both cooling and heating effects are improved. This is the headlining that save energy, light weight and low cost are achieved.

Infrared reflection headlining


Kasai Kogyo Co., Ltd. won the "Environmental Components Award" of "CHO' MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award 2013" sponsored by MONODZUKURI and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd for "Infrared Reflection Headlining", one of automobile headlining interior parts.

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