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Attractive・Comfortable Technology

To create an attractive and comfortable moving space for user

We are expected to have multifunctional technologies that a driver can feel "easy to operate" and "comfortable" with.
The KASAI Group works on enhancing product value of a finished car with new ideas created by the study of user needs and the following multifunctional technologies to realize those ideas.

Attractive・Comfortable Technology

Sound vibration technology

To ensure a smooth drive, it is necessary to prevent the entry of various noises or vibrations such as engine noise, wind noise or other vehicles' driving sound into the inside of a vehicle.

We develop sound insulated materials and products such as insulator by adopting the most advanced sound vibration measuring equipment.

Lightweight, low cost and high performance dash insulator

This is the dash insulator that achieves weight reduction and performance improvement by upgrading the structure of felt from a single layer to double layer (high density/ low density) with felt surface high density forming.

Lightweight, low cost and high performance dash insulator

Decorating technology

To give the cabin space an upscaling image, interior decorations such as wood tone, metal, piano black or silver painting are necessary.
We develop various new decorating technologies such as film insert forming.

Decorative film forming

In the film insert forming method, a decorative film on which characteristics or designs are printed is inserted into a mold for injection molding to form a three dimensional part. To adopt a printing film allows the wide range of surface decorations such as gross or matte finish. This is especially useful for the decorating of deep drawing products.

Decorative film forming

Quality improvement technology

To increase the overall quality of a cabin space, we work on the quality improvement technologies such as material development to improve a fit between parts and damage resistance level in addition to the enhancement of production engineering for each part such as the use of CAE analysis for an injection molding.

Illumination technology

To adopt an illumination to a headlining or door trim is the large market trend.
We plan, develop and propose the producing of lighting from point and line light sources to surface light source by using the latest optical simulation.

LED Map lamp

We carry out development of interior map lamp that achieved cost reduction by commonly using LED lamp module. This lamp is mounted into many models as common parts.


Optical simulation

We have adopted optical simulation system earlier than other competitors. This simulation method is effectively used for early design decision, design feedback as well as analysis, appearance evaluation and optical design for review before prototyping of parts from the initial development stage of illumination and light decorating.

Optical simulation

Development of new function

We are working on development of not only manufacturing methods and materials for automobile interior parts but also new value-added functions that anticipate the user's potential needs.

Multifunctional luggage system

We developed multifunctional luggage system that can change its shape according to user's purposes such as shopping or leisure to improve the convenience level for luggage. The idea of this system has been adopted for many production models.

Multifunctional luggage system

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