With Business Partners ー Procurement


The KASAI Group aims to contribute to society through manufacturing,
We will share our philosophy with our business partners and work together on various activities.

Procurement Policy

Coexistence and shared prosperity based on mutual trust

  • ・The KASAI Group is looking for competitive suppliers in the world to become a excellent global company.
  • ・The KASAI Group provides opportunities for open and fair deals to every supplier regardless of nationalities, company scales and business records.

Ensuring of customer satisfaction

  • ・The KASAI Group promotes the local procurement in order to respond to global business expansion.
  • ・The KASAI Group asks every supplier to provide high quality products at a reasonable price and timely manner to meet the quality, cost and delivery date required by clients.


  • ・The KASAI Group complies with all related rules to fulfill social responsibilities as corporate citizen. We also request every supplier to adhere to all rules concerned (including elimination of all antisocial forces).

Green Procurement

  • ・The KASAI Group works on the green procurement activities addressed by the automobile industry. We expect every supplier to undertake eco-friendly corporate activities.

KASAI Group CSR Guideline for Suppliers

The KASAI Group reaffirms the importance of its responsibility to ensure sustainability for society and the environment. We will establish the "KASAI Group Supplier CSR Guidelines" for all suppliers with whom we do business, and work to strengthen our CSR activities throughout the supply chain.

This guideline is a compilation of common items for the purpose of having suppliers look back on their corporate activities from the perspective of CSR and take clear measures for further improvement. In particular, we have selected 29 items in 7 fields that are expected to be addressed in the automobile industry.

Our requests to suppliers

Based on these guidelines, suppliers and the KASAI Group shall have a common understanding of CSR and actively work on it, so that the entire supply chain of our company, including our suppliers, can realize "Gain Trust from Society," "Seek Prosperity for Company," and "Share Happiness with Everybody."

Specifically, please conduct the following:

1. Ensure CSR compliance
Please comply with these guidelines together with the "Basic Business Contract" concluded with the suppliers.
2. Strengthening the internal organization
Please build an internal organization and continuously improve operations, in order to promote sustainability activities based on these guidelines.
3. Enforcement in the supply chain
Please promote CSR activities throughout the suppliers’ business partners.
4. Commitment and contracting
Please sign and return the final page of this document, for the confirmation that the supplier has read, understood and agrees with these guidelines.
5. Assessment
Please support the assessment, in order to ensure the suppliers’ compliance with these guidelines. Kasai may ask the suppliers to support specific survey or request the suppliers to submit the documents or data, or request a visit to your plant or office to assess the compliance.
6. Actions in the event of compliance violations
If a compliance violation occurs in the business activities of our suppliers, please report it immediately to us, then investigate the cause, report the result, and submit measures to prevent recurrence.
Until corrective countermeasures are implemented, there is a possibility that new RFQs to the supplier would be temporarily suspended or take other action, as appropriate.

Main purchasing items (Major items)

Material・Parts Name
Resin material and
resin products
(polypropylene) resin material
ABS Synthetic resin material
Engineering plastic material Injection molded products
Painted parts
Cloth・Surface skin Fabric PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cloth
TPO (Olefin) Surface
Assembled parts Door arm rest Sewed center door
Tonneau cover
Flow shaped parts Luggage board Shock absorbing PAD

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