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Purchasing Policy

  • Coexistence and shared prosperity based on mutual trust

    • ・The KASAI Group is looking for competitive suppliers in the world to become a excellent global company.
    • ・The KASAI Group provides opportunities for open and fair deals to every supplier regardless of nationalities, company scales and business records.
  • Ensuring of customer satisfaction

    • ・The KASAI Group promotes the local purchasing to respond to global business expansion.
    • ・The KASAI Group asks every supplier to provide high quality products at a reasonable price and timely manner to meet the quality, cost and delivery date required by clients.
  • Compliance

    • ・The KASAI Group complies with all related rules to fulfill social responsibilities as corporate citizen. We also request every supplier to adhere to all rules concerned (including elimination of all antisocial forces).
  • Green Purchasing

    • ・The KASAI Group works on the green purchasing activities to being addressed by the automobile industry. We expect every supplier to undertake eco-friendly corporate activities.

Main Purchases(Main Product Line)

Material・Parts Name
Resin material and resin products PP(polypropylene)resin material ABS Synthetic resin material
Engineering plastic material Injection molded products
Painting parts
Cloth・Surface skin Fabric PVC(polyvinyl chloride)cloth
Assembled parts Door arm rest Sewing door center
Tonneau cover
Blow molded parts Luggage board Shock absorbing PAD

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