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Activities From the Client's Standpoint

A cabin space where people directly see, touch and feel has very important role to protect occupants from unexpected accidents.

To provide all our clients with a valuable space, we strive to make products that meet the customer needs through product design and quality evaluation based on a client's perspective.

Also we are undertaking a series of quality improvement activities including planning, designing, manufacturing and providing of services from clients' standpoints to offer the best quality products to clients around the world.

Quality Policy

Provide the best quality products to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

  1. 1. Provide high quality products through globally standardized manufacturing methods.
  2. 2. Become a company to be able to provide quality products that satisfy customer needs and to receive customer quality awards continuously.
  3. 3. Work toward eliminating all delivery defect with emphasis on solving problems in own processes including built-in quality process and source process.

Quality Control System

Ensuring and Improving the Quality

To satisfy both needs of clients and car manufacturers around the world, we are working toward acquisition of the "IATF16949" certification that is the international standards for quality management system and strengthening of quality assurance system globally.

Also to ensure and improve the product quality, we conduct an audit and top diagnosis of its management system on a regular basis.

Furthermore, if some issues came to the surface, we work together to implement the PDCA cycle for continuous improvement.

Ensuring and Improving the Quality

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