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Return to Shareholders

Dividend Payment

The KASAI Group regards the returning profits to shareholders as important business for us.
We will make efforts to return profits to shareholders totally in view of the future results and dividend payout ratio, while maintaining the basic policy stance of continuing dividend payment. The amount of dividend is determined by a shareholder's meeting.

Dividend (Amount of Dividend per Share)
FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Interim Dividend 6.0Yen 12.0Yen 15.0Yen 17.0Yen 18.0Yen
Term-end Dividend 10.0Yen 14.0Yen 17.0Yen 17.0Yen 18.0Yen
Annual Dividend 16.0Yen 26.0Yen 32.0Yen 34.0Yen 36.0Yen

Shareholder special benefit

We introduce the shareholder benefit program to raise more people's interest in Kasai Kogyo's shares and provide opportunities for them to hold our shares for mid and long term.

(1) Applicable shareholder

This shareholder special benefit program applies to all shareholders who are recorded in the Registry of Shareholders on March 31 and hold 100 or more shares.

(2) Details of shareholder special benefit

Number of shares held Details
Holding term : Less than a year Holding term : More than a year
100 shares or more and less than 1,000 shares 1,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card 2,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card
1,000 shares or more and less than 3,000 shares 2,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card 3,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card
3,000 shares or more 3,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card 4,000 Japanese yen worth of QUO card
【 Note 】
Shareholders who have held their position for more than one year of period mean that they have been registered on the list of shareholders for one year including basis day, March 31 by same shareholder number.
Because shareholders who choose the service of lending stocks from securities companies will have another shareholder number when the lent stocks return to the shareholder after the ownership of the stocks is transferred to another shareholder who rented them, the previous holding period of the stocks will be cleared and a new holding period will start from scratch with a new shareholder number.
When the shareholder number is changed by succession of ownership, the stock holding period of the past is not counted to the one of successor, and the new holding period will start counting from a next basis day, March 31.

(3) Presented time

It is scheduled to send this item to each applicable shareholder in late June every year.

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