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Privacy Policy

The KASAI Group manages all personal information based on the following policies.

Privacy Policy

  • ・We comply with information protection laws and other pertinent guidelines and set internal rules and regulations. Also we make it known to all persons concerned about those rules and regulations and improve those continuously.
  • ・We obtain personal information only by lawful and fair means.
  • ・We identify the purposes of use of personal information as specific as possible and use it within the scope of purposes defined or noticed.
  • ・Unless otherwise specified in laws and regulations, it is not allowed to provide any personal information to a third party without a first person's informed consent.
  • ・We reply to any inquiry regarding personal information according to the laws and regulations.
  • ・We take security and control measures in an appropriate manner to prevent leak loss or, falsification of personal information or prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

※ The KASAI Group contains Kasai Kogyo Co., Ltd and consolidated subsidiaries.

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